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When you are a new player, about to embark on the exciting journey, which is, playing new online casinos in 2018, it is only natural that you will have questions to ask and that you will want to search out websites which will offer you some great ideas and advice about how to make a start!!!!!

That is where we here at New Casino Bonus come in!

It is completely understandable that, in the beginning, you will have a limited online casino vocabulary and that you have a limited understanding of what differing bonuses actually offer and what you’ll need to do to acquire them.

As well as that, certain phrases and terms will still be quite alien to you, so we want to clear all that up for you, and, give you some handy pointers to get you going!

To make things super simple and easy, at New Casino Bonus, we’ll even direct you to some of the best online casinos in 2018 at which you can begin this exciting new endeavor!

Our mission is to make your life as easy as possible whilst simultaneously helping to make every step of your online gaming experience more pleasurable and fun!

Read on below for more general hints and tips and advice OR visit one of our other pages for some more in-depth information on more specialized areas. 

New Casino Bonus UK – Why Choose Us?

So why should you choose our site?

Well, for a start, our main focus is to get YOU up to speed, on all the things which could otherwise hold you back, or, waste your precious time, during your potentially wonder filled online casino excursions!

Amongst other highly useful things, here you will find useful information on: where to find the best sign up bonus casino, as well as the best first deposit bonus casinos in UK and how to find the best mobile casino bonuses, and so much more throughout our reader friendly sites pages.

New mobile casinos 2018 in UK

When starting out from the perspective of a Mobile Casino player there are a few things to be made aware of, which, once known, will help to guide you on your adventures!

In terms of popularity Mobile Casinos are growing from strength to strength!

Indeed, almost every online casino player, plays casino games via their mobile phone for at least some of their time spent at these great online casinos.

This is partly to do with several various factors:

  • For a start, smart phones and tablet devices are becoming an incredibly common thing for people to own and use.
  • Online casinos have now recognised this trend and the majority of them now offer players not only a great-quality, user-friendly Mobile Casino provision, but also, some amazing mobile casino gaming options too!
  • Though there are some mobile online casino platforms which still offer a fairly basic set of things in a very basic setting, the majority of the best online casinos now offer a totally seamless shift from Mobile format to desk top version and vis-versa.
  • Mobile versions are now largely, crisp, clear and due to the fact that they are optimised for mobile users, they are often easier and friendlier to use than the desktop versions, which can get a little cluttered.
  • Online casinos have also now begun to offer players some pretty tasty mobile casino bonus

It should be noted here that Mobile casino bonuses come in all different shapes and sizes, so, we’re here to make sure that you find the Mobile casino bonus which best suits your needs.

For more in-depth information about all things Mobile Casino Bonus themed, you can visit our Mobile Casino Bonus Page Here.

New Casino Sites vs Established Casinos

What are the underlaying differences between New Online Casino in UK and the more well established online casinos, and, how does this effect you?

There are many differing benefits to playing at a new online casino in the UK, rather than playing at a more well-established site.

Indeed, both have their own pros and cons.

Here is our own list of pros and cons to help you decide which you’d prefer:

Online casino


New Online Casino UK – Pros

  • A really wonderful, and often overlooked, plus point with signing up with a brand new online casino is that they are super eager to please and impress you!

This might not seem like much on the face of things, but, when you look a little deeper you’ll see that this in fact means that they will, if they’re wise, treat each and everyone of their new players like VIPs.


Well, because they are in the process of trying to establish themselves and gather together a good-sized group of members, and, at this delicate stage, every single one of you counts; just that little bit more than you will do, later on down the line in the process.


  • When starting out at a new online casino you can be sure that they are totally up-to-date with all the latest games and technologies and that all the information on their site is still relevant.


  • You also have the added bonus of knowing that all their Bonuses and Promotions are, not only likely to be, slightly more on the generous side, but also will be all present and correct on page. Indeed, no new online casino worth their salt would allow those things to fall into disarray, even momentarily, so early in the game.


  • There is also the pleasure of knowing that you are one of the first players to enjoy their casino. and, if they have a loyalty program, you’ll be collecting your loyalty points, and, as such, getting rewarded for them, way before the majority of others!

Casino Bonuses

New Online Casino UK – Cons

  • The first con with starting out at a brand new online casino, is that they are new, and, as such, maybe don’t have all the experience behind them which their older brothers and sisters have, after being longer in the market.

Even this though isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it can also mean that they haven’t yet become set in their ways and can be a little more fluid in their dealings with their players.

  • The other possible con, though this is not common, is that the first year of any business is the trickiest and if a casino is going to close their doors due to any issues, then it will likely be within this first year.

So, if you are looking to make a long-term commitment to a particular online casino then you might be better off choosing one which is more assured, and time tested as your ‘good old friend’ of an online casino.

New online casinos with no deposit bonus

There are many new online casinos opening up their doors every day and many of them offer some very tasty and lucrative Welcome Bonuses and Promotions to pull you in and to show you what a great time they can offer you at their site.

Without a doubt one of the most sought-after Bonuses at an online casino is the No Deposit Bonus.

What exactly is a no deposit bonus?

Well, it is exactly what it suggests it is – A Bonus which you receive without having to make any deposit of your own money!

These No Deposit Bonuses come in many forms and are granted for differing reasons.

The most common No Deposit Bonus is given out as part of the Welcome Bonus.

You get one of these babies, at various different online casinos, as a reward just for signing up and registering for an account at their site.

The No Deposit Bonus can be anything from a relatively humble sum of Bonus Cash, to spend by playing at their site, or, is could take the form of a number of actual Free Spins which you can use on whichever games the casino in question has linked the spins to.

Though rarer, some online casinos also offer No Deposit Bonuses for their existing players.

They do this to entice them to come back after a spell away from playing at their casino.

Or, in some cases online casinos offer a No Deposit Bonus to entice players both new and established to try out a brand-new game or join in with some kind of competition.

Some online casinos, of course, offer more than others, but, whatever the offer is, it’s pretty clear that receiving a No Deposit Bonus is well worth the effort of signing up and having some extra fun for!

Great Bonus with New Casinos Bonus 2018

There are indeed some great Bonuses to be gathered from new online casinos!

They are numerous and they are all singing, all dancing, and all about winning before you’ve even played!

2018 is set to be a wicked year in the world of online gaming!

With new online casinos opening up their doors almost every day and new players, moving in droves, to go and sign up and have some stress free fun from the comfort of home, there’s almost never been a better time to sign up and get your online casino playing journey started!

There are also, obviously, some pretty yummy Bonuses available too!

For a brief outline of some of the most common online casino bonuses please read on below.

Or, for a much more in depth write up about online casino bonuses of all kinds you can read our Casino Bonus Page Here.

Online casino bonuses:

  • The No Deposit Bonus: As outlined above.
  • The First Deposit Bonus: The 1st Deposit Bonus is, as the name suggests, a bonus which is granted to a player directly after they have made their 1st deposit. These are often the first part of a Welcome Bonus package and commonly consist of a 100% Cash Match Bonus up a certain cash limit, as well as a decent number of Free Spins.
  • The Welcome Bonus: A full Welcome Bonus can be just a 1st Deposit Bonus, as outlined above, but can and often does also include 2nd, 3rd and even 4th additional Deposit Bonuses. Again, these are generally a mixture of Cash Match Bonuses and Free Spins.
  • The Daily Bonus: Some online casinos are particularly generous and even offer daily bonuses. Though these are generally more humble that other casino bonuses they are also usually relatively easy to come by and only require a player to make the minimum deposit to be able to get hold of them.
  • The Reload Bonus: The Reload Bonus is usually put on by online casinos to tempt players into returning to their site, after some time of being in-active, and making a fresh new deposit in the view to carrying on playing with them after that point again.

There are other casino bonuses available, of course, but these are the most frequently offered and as such some of the most important to be aware of.

UK VS Canadian deposit bonus – which one should I choose?

This one can be a tricky question, both UK based online casinos and Canadian casinos online usually offers very good deposit bonuses with good wagering requirement so you as a casinoplayer have a high possibility to win some free money.

On most of the online casinos today you will be able to find this kind of deposit bonuses both when you are creating a gaming account and as a loyal player. Keep In mind that the casino needs you.

Casino online gives perfect deposit bonuses

Casinos today, doesn’t matter if it’s UK, Canadian or some other country who is behind it, they need to make their casino players happy. And the best way to make online casino players happy is? Yes, exactly, mainly good casino bonuses.  Today you will find many casinos which operates all over the world offering a nice deposit bonus and free spins as we already mentioned in this text.

So, in the end, it doesn’t matter if you want to play on Canadian casino or UK casino, both offer really good deposit bonuses, free spins other campaigns you can take part of. We wish you the best of luck on your online casino!

Play Responsibly at New Casino Bonus UK

It is important to remember that though the majority of people can treat online gaming, as purely a fun, recreational past time, and, are fully able to spend only what they can afford to risk, for others it can be much more difficult to self-monitor and limit.

Online gaming should not ever be viewed as a means to generate a regular income, and should be treated only as a fun pastime.

New casino bonus wish you the best of luck

So, we hope that this page has offered you some insight into the world of the online casino bonus and that the rest of our site, which is jam packed full of more in-depth information and will even suggest and help lead you to some of THE best online casinos in the industry!

Good Luck on every stage of your journey, may your losses be few and your winnings be MASSIVE!

Happy Playing from all of us here at New Casino Bonus UK!